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Monday, March 26, 2007

Correction: Chocolate Lab, Silver Fur

Some time ago, we posted about "Chocolate Labs, Silver Fur". Our breeder wrote a comment and we stand corrected.

Shannon - actually, we do keep the black in the line, Sam's mom was black, and Kiwi had three grandparents, one on top, two on the bottom who were black. Any color of lab can get the hair coming back from a cut in a weird color, our blacks who've had a tooth graze or a scratch from brush get white hair growth in those places. If it is a major concern for you, you can get a product called Furall at the farm store which when used on a wound will help prevent the hair coming back in the wrong color.

Due to the names of the dogs in the lineage, we assumed they were all chocolate. It seems that Dakota and Cheyenne's lines were mixed with black to keep the line pure. Sorry, Chris! :)

We actually don't mind the color since the Lab Brats are our family companions. Even with the silver, they get so many compliments on the red (brindle) highlight and build. So, the Labrador Brats will not be using "Furall", but we did want to put it out there should anyone else care to try it.



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