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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sick with Labs

No, I am not sick of Labs, I am sick with Labs. Stricken with a bad cold, my body needs to rest and fight off this nasty bug that has ahold of me. Unfortunately, my Lab Brats think that just cause I am home, I am home to play with them and shower them with attention every single minute. Every time I move, they believe I am going to get a ball or run around with them. Unfortunately, this cold has wiped me of all of my energy and that means it is taken me away from my pups. The girls know something is wrong with me and if they had it their way, they would climb up in my lap and cuddle with me. They would do anything to make me feel better, but, alas, all I need is rest and since they are Labs, they don't understand.

Having high energy dogs is not easy when you aren't able to give them the attention and energy outlet that they need. Does that mean that I regret having them? Not in the least! Lucky for me, their daddy will be home in a couple of hours and be able to help burn all that Labrador energy... thank goodness! Once I am better, they will get a nice run in the dog park. That is the great thing about dogs though - they don't keep tabs on how much time you aren't able to spend with them - they are just happy for any small moments of quality time.



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