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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pup on the slow mend

Cheyenne was exhausted when she got home last nigh but didn't have much energy and was kind of dazed. That didn't stop her tail from wagging though when she saw us. Tons of Labrador kisses came next and she headed right for the door to get the heck out of that vet's office!

The vet told us that he didn't think it was mushrooms, aspirin, or the small amount of weed control we put on the lawn. However, he said it was most likely something toxic or bacterial. Of course, we wont know anything until at least Friday, if the pathology comes back that soon. She is now on oral antibiotics and anti-ulcer medication. He couldn't put her on any pain medication as they will upset the stomach and that is the last thing we want to do given that he had actually cut open the stomach and literally turned it inside-out looking for the cause of her ailment. That was when he found the pyloric ulceration. Needless to say, she is on a bland diet for 5 days and limited exercise. He didn't feel the need for crate rest but to just make sure she doesn't become too active when out of the crate (she usually sleeps at my feet when I am working from home).

Last night was interesting. She was in a good deal of pain and not sure what happened to her. We slowly introduced her back to Dakota so that Dakota's energy wouldn't knock her off her feet. When we fed her the bland boiled meat and rice, she didn't want any of it - not even with some chicken broth. That was discouraging but we tried some beef broth in it this morning, heated it up (so the beef smell was everywhere) and she ate it nicely. We need to give her 4 small meals a day so that her tummy doesn't get distended. She doesn't seem to have any problem going potty but has yet to poop. I have to laugh because I know how excited I am going to be when I see her finally poop. Sad, isn't it? :)

So right now it is time for her to rest, eat slowly, and take it easy. She slept great in her crate last night and has decided to take over Dakota's crate at this moment because it has a much softer bed (should would have one too if she would stop destroying them!).

Thank you all again for your kind thoughts and abundant prayers. We will make sure to keep everyone updated on her progress and the results of the pathology!

PS. Both pictures attached to this blog entry were taken this morning. Cheyenne is sporting a beautiful shaven puppy belly and all! :)



Blogger Angela at Pets Best said...

So glad to hear that she's home! You can read a lot in those sad puppy eyes, and her sweet shaved belly makes me sad for her and glad that it wasn't anything worse all at the same time. Hope you all just keep doing better and better!

August 23, 2006 2:37 PM  

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