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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stitched Up Energy Ball Pup

Sleeping beauty is sleeping once again but not until she had inhaled her small amount of bland food breakfast this morning. Yes, our Cheyenne has turned once more into the Lab vacuum cleaner and has surely gotten her appetite back. Of course, we cannot give her more than half of her normal amount of food in one day; give in 4 small amounts throughout the day. We have to keep in mind that the sutures on the outside of her belly aren't the only ones that exist. Her stomach had been turned inside-out looking for the cause of her life-threatening vomit incident just a couple of days ago. Hence, causing her stomach to extend in even the slightest of ways can make her sick.

She does not have all of her Labrador Retriever puppy energy back but has slowly been more awake and getting bored very easily. She played with her sister, Dakota, a few times yesterday but we had to make sure to keep Dakota's paws away from the tender belly while they tried to play. Not an easy task since they usually play very rough together. Dakota isn't happy because we keep interrupting their play time with "Easy!" and placing our hands between the two to deflect any of paws heading straight for Cheyenne's stitched up belly.

Overall, our Cheyenne is slowly starting to get back to normal. It is a slow and steady process but we are content as long as she does not vomit again. We are happy to report that we have not had one incident since she came home and all pills/food have been passing nicely through her digestive system. Let's just pray that she continues on this road of health and that there is a smooth road ahead.



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