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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pathology Results - the Dog ate it!

The vet called last night and we finally have the pathology results from Cheyenne's stomach problems. It was not a toxic substance, it is not cancer, and it is not truly bacterial. It seems that Cheyenne, in fact, did ingest something we didn't give her. The sample showed yellow reflective shards of something like glass. These shards embedded themselves into the wall of the pylorus and caused an infection. Hence, the area became ulcerated and swollen.

We have no idea what this material is and neither does the veterinarian. My husband and I have walked through the house looking for anything that resembles this type of material and even went out to the garage and backyard. Nothing we have came even close to this and since Cheyenne is never out of our sight, we are still scratching our heads. Could someone have thrown some glass over the fence and into our yard? That is the only possibility we can think of since Cheyenne no longer attends doggie daycare. There wasn't anything like this even at the Doggy Dip on Sunday - she didn't eat or drink anything while there except the pool water while swimming and there was nothing in the pool like that.

I am sure we will spend a good deal of time trying to figure this riddle out but in the meantime, Cheyenne should be fine given the medications she is on and the fact that she hasn't thrown up since the vet. Sure, we are still on a mixed bland/dog food diet but that is getting tapered off at the moment and she is inhaling her food once again. The vet did say that if this happens again after the medication is done, we are to bring her in immediately and they may have to surgically remove the rest of the area due to the shards of material still there. Otherwise, it should just pass through her system. Only time can tell at this point.

Again, we want to thank you all for your warm thoughts and prayers. Our Lab girls mean the world to us and I couldn't even imagine a day without our energy ball, Cheyenne.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so happy Cheyenne is recovering, that was a very life threatening situation, poor puppy. We think good thoughts for her continuing good health each day!
Love, Rocky, Sarge and Darbi (mom)

August 28, 2006 4:24 PM  

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