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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Walked her to "death"

Dakota left early this morning for doggie daycare and Cheyenne was waiting at the back door for daddy to come and get her next, but he never came back. As she watched his car pull out from the driveway, she began to cry softly. Dakota was leaving without her and worse yet, she was going to doggie daycare and Cheyenne had to stay home.

Yes, we are on day 4 of Cheyenne's spay and she is healing nicely but still is limited in what she can do. Oh no - not that she has any physical limitations - just that the vet said that she couldn't return to normal routines for one week. Well, being the person I am, one week means 5 days rather than 7. Why? Because I checked her incision and everything is coming along nicely. So, since it was a beautiful day, I walked my baby to "death". Yep! Three long walks. Two for the heck of it and the third to drop off some mail in the mailboxes a few blocks away.

She loved it! It was the first time we walked alone. Usually daddy will take Dakota and I will take Cheyenne - but we both leave together and walk together for a while before we part ways. This was just our time and it was a great opportunity to do some more formal training while on walks. I have to say that she is getting the hang of it and has been given lots of attention and cookies when we got back home.

For now though, she is exhausted and resting in her crate with the door closed - having a much needed nap. Too bad we didn't have more days like this. Then again, I don't know how she would react if Dakota went to doggie daycare on Monday without her. ;)


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