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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Missing her sister

Cheyenne is still at the vet after having gone through a spay surgery yesterday. When Dakota got home from doggie daycare, she searched the house for her little sister. She was fed a few minutes after getting home and she did not want to eat without her sister. Her eyes kept darting from me to her sister's bowl on the other side of the kitchen when I told her it was okay for her to eat. She was not sure as to whether or not she should because the little Lab that would normally eat her own food and then try to steal Dakota's food was no where to be found.

A few family members stopped by for other reasons and the usually playful Dakota didn't know what to do. Normally, Cheyenne would be the one to dash up to people without a care and Dakota would follow. Why is it the little sister is leading the big sister? Well, it is not that Cheyenne is the leader of the pack but because Dakota was scared as a young pup by some neighborhood kids and Cheyenne was never subjected to that same fearful event. So, Cheyenne will run up to the people and great them with lots of kisses and Dakota will just take her time but get there eventually.

Never fear though - Cheyenne will return in a few hours time. I have an appointment in 3 hours to pick up my little sassy and bratty Labrador Retriever baby and everyone in the family has missed her greatly. The quiet in our house was a welcome change but we want our noise back... a noise that only Cheyenne can bring.


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