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Friday, April 21, 2006

Pooped Pooches

The girls are fast asleep and it is only 4pm! It is true success when you can get a Lab tired enough to sleep in the middle of the day but it is a miracle when you can get two of them to sleep at the same time. What is my secret? Easy enough - get them outside!

No! You don't necessarily have to run around with them and get yourself tired. It is more about the fresh air and letting them run themselves down to the ground. First, we started with a bit of fetch. The trick is to make sure you use the Lab's favorite toys - probably something that makes a lot of noise.

After the fun starts to drain, hook them up to a long chain (if you don't have a fenced yard) and go about your yard work. Just having the dog outside, basking in the fresh air, will start to tire the pup out. Both of my girls were on the long chains, which are attached to the house, and were able to watch me mow the front lawn. Dakota laid down in the driveway, about 1 foot from the lawn I was mowing, while Cheyenne walked around trying to find any sticks she could eat.

By doing this, I was able to do my chores and the girls were out of harms way but able to soak up the fresh air and sun. Now we are all in the house and the only noise I hear are my Lab Brats snoring in unison.



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