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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lab Adolescence

Oh how I want to take her back somedays! She has gone from just being sassy to being plain annoying and unruly! Yes, I am speaking about our 6-month old Labrador Retriever, Cheyenne.

From 5-7 months old, Labs have a tendency to forget everything they have learned and become like a human teenager that just doesn't want to listen to anything you say. Granted, her training hasn't gone very well to begin with, given that she clings to her older sister, Dakota. However, I thought we were making some great strides until she hit 5-months old. Now, she is a demon and just last night ate a hole straight through her bed. No, it wasn't in her crate - heck, it wasn't even used at all. It was brand new and being store in the basement. We were planning on giving it to her after she is spayed next week but she didn't even get a chance to use it. Somehow, she found it and what I found was a bunch of pieces of fluff around the house. We only turned around for a minute when all this happened.

No, I am not going to return her to the breeder. I know that with persistence and extra training, she will get over this. Plus, she only has another month to go before she will (hopefully) start to calm down some. I can tell you this though, she is going to hate next week. First, she is being spayed on Monday. Then she comes home on Tuesday and I am supposed to keep her calm for 1 week. That means no running around, no jumping on her sister, and no doggie daycare. Of course, the vet is not going to give us any sedatives so that means she will have to be crated a good portion of the time since that is the only time she remains calm. I just pray that she doesn't tear into her stitches as she did that bed!



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