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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reunion - Labs & Family

Four days without our beloved Labs by our side and we found ourselves talking about them at least a few times every day. It didn't help that we were on vacation, staying at a family member's house, that had 3 dogs of their own running around. One particular pup reminded me so much of my Cheyenne that I just fell in love with her instantly.

Needless to say, we were anticipating the reunion with our dogs. As we drove up the driveway, we noticed that our wonderful house/dog sitter was in the backyard, playing with our girls, even though it was late at night. This brought a smile to our faces and I couldn't wait another moment. So I thrust open the door and called out to them. Dakota immediately started to wag her tail but was unsure what to make of it so she continued to back away from us and bark. Cheyenne knew immediately who I was and came running up to me and almost knocked me over. I pet her and looked back and Dakota, who seemed a bit calmer but was not going to give in as easily. She continued to back away and bark, while wagging her whole rear end.

It was the words that snapped her out of it. I yelled to her "Where's daddy, Dakota?". She took one look at me, cocked her head, looked at my dear husband, and bolted towards him. I was sure that he would have been flattened by the 88lbs of pure Labrador Retriever muscle coming at him like a steam train. Nonetheless, she realized who he was and stopped before knocking out his kneecaps.

There was nothing but love. Sure, they seemed a little unsure during the first moments of the reunion but they were so well cared for while we were gone, and got to remain in our own home, that the reunion was nothing short of a celebration.



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