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Monday, June 09, 2008

Doggy Hell

Not Happy Chocolate Lab Puppy: Dakota
This weekend was just horrible for us. On Friday mommy left with her suitcases and forgot to take us along. Cheyenne and I were just devastated. How could mommy just up and leave us like that? Doesn't she know we are Labs and crave to have our humans with us at all times?

Yep! Mommy left alright... she went in this huge thing the humans call a "plane" for business on the "west coast". Now I don't know what those things really are but I do know that in the moment mommy left us, our world went upside down.

Sure, daddy returned from work on Friday and gave us loads of love but he just isn't the same as mommy. He did his best but we were quickly forgotten. It wasn't his fault... it was something called a "tornado". Now I have never seen one of these things before but it is fast and moves around in a circle. Cheyenne and I thought it would be some new toy to play with but daddy didn't seem too happy about this thing getting close to our house.

Then the rain came... and came... and came... Cheyenne and I were stuck in the house without even our basement to play in as the rain started to turn out basement into an indoor pool. Daddy was frantic trying to keep out all the water and that confused me and Chey. I mean, who wouldn't like an indoor pool, right? We were so excited that we kept trying to get down there to play in it while daddy was running around faster then a tornado thingy. He kept bringing stuff up from the basement. Woo hoo we thought. More room for the pool! But daddy was dead set on keeping our all that wonderful water from our play area. It was a losing battle but daddy still refused to let us get our paws wet.

All weekend it was like this... until daddy ran out in the middle of the night last night after his phone rang. Not a word to us doggies - just out the door he flew. When he returned, Cheyenne and I were ready to give him an earful but when the door opened... could it be?? Mommy!!

We couldn't keep our tails from wagging so hard they were coming back and hitting us in the head. Cheyenne and I jumped over each other to fight for our mommy's attention and tell her about the awful weekend we all had. She was home and all is now right in the world... well, except for the pool in the basement. We think it should stay but our human parents are set on putting it back to normal. Oh well - a Labrador Retriever can dream, can't she?

Lab smiles,



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