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Friday, June 13, 2008

Stirring Creatures

Sleepy Lab Doggie: Dakota
I never thought I would ever say this but my Labrador Retrievers are slower then a snail today!

The Midwest storms rolled through our area once again and brought horrible lightening, thunder, and rain. The Lab Brats weren't able to sleep a wink. Well, between the storms last night and the cleaning crew gutting our basement from the flood waters all day yesterday, these poor doggies haven't truly slept in more then 24 hours. So when we called them to give out morning hugs and kisses, they walked over slowly to us while yawning continuously. Sure, the tails wagged but it was pathetic, just the small tip of each tail going back and forth slowly. They are exhausted and want their house and schedule back to normal.

Within the next 3 days the cleaning crew should be coming back to pick up their 13 huge fans and 1 monster dehumidifier to that we no longer feel like we are living in Men in Black Entrance Way (Holland Tunnel Ventilator Shaft). Although the dogs will have a long time before they are able to play in their basement again (has to be reconstructed), the noise will be gone and the activity level in the house will lessen.

Until then, Dakota and Cheyenne will continue to walk around with drooping eyes and a lot less Labbie perk in their step. Poor pups... we promise to get it all back to normal as soon as we can... promise!



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