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Monday, May 26, 2008

May Lab Meetup Blast!

May 2008 Lab Meetup
The May 24th Milwaukee Area Labrador Retriever Meetup was a huge success!

There were 5 people in attendance and 6 Labrador Retrievers even though it was a holiday weekend! The weather was beautiful and not only did the Labs have a great time at the park but the Lab owners made some new friends, shared Lab stories and even traded much helpful Lab advice. All in all it was a huge success.

Dakota and Cheyenne had a blast as the welcoming crew once again. Every Lab was properly sniffed and played with to insure quality Lab time. Of course, Dakota would have liked her Lab mommy to bring the Chuck-It Ball Thrower but we already know she would have been too obsessed with it during the Lab play date rather then the Labs. She didn't need any distractions from her post of Lab hostess to the event. *wink*

We hope you enjoy these pictures and if you live in the Milwaukee area, please feel free to join our group... we meet once a month and boy do we have fun!

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