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Friday, May 30, 2008


Cheyenne sneaking a nap in Dakota's bed
As you may remember from a couple of days ago, the Lab Brats got their crates back. They were so happy that they immediately took up laying in the crates on and off throughout the day without one word from this Lab mommy. So I should be happy, right? I mean, this is what was supposed to happen. No twisting their paws behind their backs and no re-training with treats. Just an easy progression.

Yeah, right! *laugh*

It seems that Goldilocks has taken over one of our Labs. Cheyenne has now turned into Goldi-Lab. Her bed and crate are not enough but she needs to test out her sister's bed and crate when Dakota is busy in another room... or when no one is paying attention. She goes from one bed to another to test out which one is "just right". To Cheyenne, it always seems to be her sister's bed. Why? Well, because it is Dakota's and Cheyenne wants what Dakota has because she is a sneaky little sister.

Of course, we wake her to remind her that the bed she is in is not her own and she needs to go to her own bed. It isn't like she doesn't know which one is her bed - tell her to "kennel up" and she will go into her own bed each and every time. It is funny though to watch as she sulks out of Dakota's crate and heads into her own. (She is just so darn cute when she does it!) She knows that she is not supposed to be in there and like any little bratty sister, she hates when she is caught "red pawed".

The evidence:
Cheyenne & Dakota's beds
Cheyenne & Dakota's crates and beds

Cheyenne's bed empty
Cheyenne's bed empty

Cheyenne sneaking a nap in her sister's bed
Cheyenne sneaking a nap in her sister's bed when no one is looking



Anonymous Anonymous said...


May 30, 2008 9:52 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

hey shannon - would you mind telling me the size of the crates you have for the girls? duke has now hit the 10 month old phase and has done some not-so-nice things lately. i need to get him a new crate and the best prices seem to be on line but with shipping costs what they are, i don't want to make a mistake ordering. i love the room the girls have in this crate. btw...duke hit 90# the other day and yes, i said he is barely hitting the 10 month old mark!

thanks a bunch...wendy

May 30, 2008 2:20 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...


Cheyenne weighs about 73lbs and as you can see she has loads of room in the crate. Dakota does as well and she is around 84lbs. So...

The crates are Midwest Life Stages Crates - the second to largest size they make. We have had them since the Labs were 8 weeks old because they come with a separator so that the crates can grow with your pup. And, they have a plastic tray on the bottom so they can easily be cleaned. Lastly, they can be collapsed easily for any time you dont need to use it or want to travel with it.

42" Midwest Life Stages Crate

Hope that helps!

May 30, 2008 8:32 PM  
Anonymous angie goff said...

This is the cutest entry ever! Do you think it's because she likes the comfort of her sister's scent?? I often wonder about this with my own lab. When I get up for work in the morning I return from the shower and he's in my bed sleeping on my pillow. This month in Oprah's magazine there's an article on not letting your dog's lick your face because they can pass on bad germs to I'm starting to get a little worried about Atticus snoozin' on my pillow. I googled this and got mixed results on the behavior.

June 02, 2008 6:54 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...


I would have to say that it is because Cheyenne loves Dakota's scent and wants to be near her. However, Cheyenne does also like to try and dominate Dakota during play (even though Dakota is alpha dog) so it may be a canine hierarchy thing... trying to take what Dakota has as a dominance issue. Either way they are best friends and can't stand to be apart from each other so I would say it is because she wants to be close to her sister.

As for the article on letting dogs lick your face... the article is right that it spread germs but honestly, so does kissing another human being. When our dogs kiss us, it is usually on the cheek or something - never on the mouth. Heck, our dogs eat rabbit poop and I don't want them to lick me knowing that! *laugh* We also don't let them on any furniture because we are alpha and that is our place - not theirs. So, your dog sleeping in your spot may be either love or dominance - either way - I would suggest keeping the pup off the bed.

Hope that helps!
Lab smiles,

June 02, 2008 7:41 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

shannon - thanks so much. boy from reading the other comments i notice there are sooo many things i am doing wrong. but alas, one thing at a time. we found a crate this weekend that didn't break the bank yippee! it's for pups up to 110# and i needed to give him a whole bedroom for it. no worries, he is more than worth it and i got such a great feeling seeing him stretch out in his new daybed. thanks bunches!

June 02, 2008 1:51 PM  
Anonymous angie goff said...

Ahhhh... love a little sisterly love!

I've actually started making him sleep in HIS bed..which is at the foot of my bed on the floor. I'm not sure if he likes it. He's still trying to lick me with his germy tongue ha ha.. so that might mean no hard feelings.

June 04, 2008 5:38 AM  
Blogger Jan's Funny Farm said...

Heeheehee. Sounds like normal sissy squabbles. We like whatever the others have too.

June 05, 2008 5:31 PM  

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