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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like Mother, Like Lab

Chey: Chocolate Lab in Military Cap
Like doggy, like human. Around this house there is no shortage between the personalities of the Lab Brats and their human parents.

For example, Dakota is laid-back, easy going, drools at food, stubborn, wants to be waited on, and is just a big loving mush. That is her daddy (my husband) through and through. On the other hand, you have Cheyenne... sassy, verbal, energetic, silly, and yet a loving girl that wants nothing more then love and kisses. Gee, doesn't that sound familiar? *laugh* Maybe that it because she is just like me!

So it shouldn't surprise me when we went to the dog park last weekend and Cheyenne headed straight for the mud pools, right? I mean... she is exactly like me and I would so love to take in a mud bath at the local spa. *laugh* She didn't run in and out of it but rather just lounged in it and enjoyed the sensation of it on her Labrador fur.

Sure, I can deal with her doing things like this because I understand her... and it helps that I had the backseat of my car all covered should such an occasion arise. However, what I couldn't believe was my husband's response to her actions.

Upon our return home, he saw Cheyenne and laughed. Instantly, he turned to me and said "If you want a mud bath so much, why not join Cheyenne. Better yet, it's free!"

Umm... no hunny... that's not quite the same! Maybe I should just push him in one next time we are at the dog park and see how much he enjoys it! *laugh*

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Blogger happy said...

Hehe that's really funny! All in the family!

May 23, 2008 2:21 AM  

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