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Monday, May 05, 2008

Gemini Labs

Ying Yang Lab Ornament

Sometimes I swear that our Labs came from the same egg! It is like two peas in a pod with these two.

Just this weekend, my family was enjoying some much needed sun in our area while relaxing at home. For those avid readers, you already know how much Dakota & Cheyenne enjoy their morning sun spots in our living room. Well, not only were they relaxing in the morning sun but they were laying in the exact same position - down to the curve of their otter tail!

I wish I could have gotten a picture of it but as soon as this Lab mommy gets out of her chair, the dogs jump and Cheyenne gets up to follow me. Sure, I could carry around the camera all day long but whenever us Lab families are ready for a good picture, they don't do anything cute! *laugh*

Of course I could always get them going potty in unison or on of the other thousands of things they do at the same time or mirror off of the other but I doubt any readers want to see my dogs going potty... no matter how cute Labrador Retrievers are! *wink*



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