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Monday, April 28, 2008

Leash Pulling Puppy

Yellow Lab Puppy
Our yellow lab is three and a half months old and progressing wonderfully! She's extremely friendly, very eager to learn new tricks, and very active (exactly what we wanted in a lab!). We do have one small problem. She pulls a lot on the leash. Especially if there is someone/some dog that she feels that she needs to see. I almost half wish she were less friendly so she'd be less eager to go see other things. Right now it's fine, because I can handle her and pull her back. When she is a full grown dog, this will be not so okay. We are trying to teach her to stay next to us by using treats, but it doesn't seem to be working so far. I've gotten her to sit instead of pull, but then she will not move until the person/dog she wants to see is completely out of her line of vision and has been for thirty seconds. This can be a very big hassle. Do you have any advice for training her not to pull?


Leash training such young pups is much different then training adult or larger Labradors. In your case, I will tell you what I did for Dakota when she was that young (she doesn't pull very much anymore).

1) Before starting your walk, make sure the collar is snug but not too tight. The collar should never come up to the dog's ears or over them.

2) When walking, keep your pup next to your side. If you need to wrap up the leash in your hand then do so. The pup should never be in front of you.

3) If the pup starts to pull in any direction, just give a quick tug on the leash and change your entire direction. If, for example, you are walking west, give a quick tug and start walking east. Do not drag the pup but just give it notice that you changed direction and it should follow you.

4) When people are coming towards you, move to one side of the walkway and put your pup in the sit position. The pup should be a good 2-3 feet from where the person is going to walk through. If she gets up, put her rear right back down. Once the person as fully passed, call her name and say "ok" while taking a step out with the leg closest to her and continue your walk.

These 4 points should get you started. Yes, you may look a little foolish with step 3 but it works in the end. The pup has no clue what you are going to do next so it will start to look at you for direction rather then everyone around you. Just remember to stay persistent and consistent with the training no matter who is walking her. At that age, I would even start doing this in your own yard with treats but leave the treats at home when walking on the streets as you want her to obey you - not the cookie.

Best of Labbie luck!

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