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Monday, April 21, 2008

Signaling Potty Time

Black Labrador Retriever Puppy
Hello, I was just wondering when puppies decide to let you know when they want to go outside. Our puppy is now 11 weeks old and he does not tell us by a whine or a bark. If we are not watching him we will not know and then he has an accident.
If you have any advice on traing him to let us know that would be great.
Thanks again

Each puppy has it's own way to let you know that it needs to go outside. The way that works best for you, your pup, and your family should be trained so that no one mistakes the signal. In order to train your new pup, before you bring it outside to do its deed, have a bell or something near the door that makes noise and hit its paw against it. Then give it praise and take it out to go to the bathroom.

In our house, Cheyenne would never tell us when she had to go potty and instead she would just stand by the backdoor. If we did not notice her, she would find somewhere to go in the house after a while. That was our sign that we needed to keep a better eye on her to see when she stood by the backdoor. It worked perfectly and as she got older, she started to let out a single high pitch bark by the backdoor to let us know she needed out. Dakota, on the other hand, will paw the backdoor or hit the spring doorstopper to signal her needs.

It will take time and if you want him to signal in a certain fashion, put something that makes noise by the backdoor and train him to use it.

Best of luck!

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Anonymous Lamberts Mom said...

Since most of our house is blocked off from the dog (i mean the kitchen, and the kid's bedrooms) We are able to keep a good eye out for Lambert to signal his needs. He is not a barker and never wanted to use the bell so he just paces or stands and stares at us like Hello I have to go..... This system works well for us. I wish he would have learned the bell thing. Good Luck

April 21, 2008 8:05 PM  

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