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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pooping in Crate

Puppy Crate Training
hello, i was just trying to get some advice with my new pup. He is 9 weeks old and we have had Titan-flexx for two weeks now. We were adjusting fine until he decided to start pooping in his carrier. Things have now stopped in our daily routine. I have two children and now am unable to take one of the out during the day to her gymnastics and swimming lessons becuase of this. Can you suggest anything to help. Does this eventually stop? How do I get him to feel ok when we are gone. We do put him out and he does his buisness before we go , so i actually think that he is so upset that he is pooping himself.
please if you can help. Email me

Having a 9-week old pup is just an exciting and nervous time for any Labrador Retriever dog owner. Not to worry - there are many ways to help you get through this time.

First, you mentioned that you have a "Titan-flexx". I have never heard of this and honestly don't even know what it is. I even did a search on Google and found only one result for some scuba gear so I am unfortunately not able to provide advice on this specifically. However, here are some articles I have written that should help you through the first weeks with your wonderful puppy:

A Letter from Lab Puppy
Separation Anxiety
Lab & Puppy Proofing Your Home
Labrador Retriever Stages
Housebreaking Your Labrador Retriever
Crate Training Your Lab
Lab Behavior Problems: Biting & Mouthing

I always recommend all of these articles for new puppy owners as it is best to understand all areas of a puppy's life in order to provide the best health and training support your puppy needs.

If you have any specific questions to the information provided in the articles, please feel free to email me.

Good luck and don't give up hope! It will get better!

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