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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommy is busy

Pretty Chocolate Labs
Mommy is really busy this morning and let us put our paws to work at last! She said she had to update stuff on the 'puter or something so Cheyenne and I are free to vent about whatever we want. The vents from my lil sister are quite annoying though. You see, she is not an eloquent Lab such as me. No. Her pitch is quite high and my human parents say that she reminds them of mommy's Italian grandmother when she is on a "roll". I have no clue what that means since I have yet to meet "Nonna" but from what I hear, she can easily make your ear drums burst! Now that's gotta hurt!

So, what shall I vent about? How about the bad rep we chocolate Labs get about being stupid! Honestly people! There are so many non-fur beings that claim that us dogs are less intelligent or even more hyper because of the color of our coats! Now, as gorgeous as our fur may be, it has absolutely nothing to do with the ability of our brains.

Sure, I have sniffed the butts of some of the most stupid Labrador Retrievers ever but they come in all colors. Some are purebred while others are mixes. For the love of chocolate - I have even seen some of the most stupid non-fur beings (humans) ever as well!

Contrary to popular belief, the color of our coats does not denote the amount of intelligent thinking. Did you ever think that maybe a chocolate Lab doesn’t listen to his or her owner because it is so intelligent that it doesn't want to do the stupid tricks you humans think are fun. Come on people! Do you think we want to balance a biscuit on our nose and wait for you to tell us when to eat it?? Just give us the blasted cookie and if we don’t feel like eating it, we will go and bury it somewhere for later! Ok - you are probably saying that us Labs never save food for later... it was just an example people. Geesh!

Did you ever think we were maybe too smart for you humans anyway? We are smart and we are living proof of it. Ok, maybe Cheyenne isn't smart but little sisters don't matter. Take my word for it - I can beat you in Sudoku any day! (loud dog laugh)

Well it seems mommy is stopping me there. She said that my "intelligent" ranting has gone on long enough and I have to let the nice people that read this blog get back to their jobs. (Let's not even get me started on humans leaving their pups alone all day to work when they should be home and available for spontaneous playing and belly rubs! The shame!)

In short, think twice about your Labs intelligence and if you are planning to get a new Lab puppy, don't judge it based on its color. Love it for who it is...

Lab smiles,
Dakota (and Cheyenne, kinda)

PS - Mommy would like to place a disclaimer that she is in no way responsible for this blog entry and that all rants and complaints from humans should be sent to the Lab Brats directly. *laugh*



Blogger Jessica said...

Oh, I so agree. I hear a lot that the reason our dog isn't training quickly is because there's no black lab in her background. She's yellow and her mom was yellow/chocolate. Apparently brown nosed yellows are the "worst."

But I say she's pretty smart considering she already knows that going to the door means she can go out and she'll trick us into thinking she has to pee so she can go outside and eat all the mulch.

March 19, 2008 4:47 PM  
Anonymous Tanya said...

I had someone tell me when I said I had gotten a choc lab that I needed to be careful because they are known as being "slow" from inbreeding. The breeder we got him from is very reputable and all the investigation I did on the subject and the breeder no way implied that he was or would be "slow"
It irritates me that people assume that to be true.

March 19, 2008 8:38 PM  

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