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Friday, February 22, 2008

Which Puppy Food?

Yellow Lab Puppy eating dog food

We are blessed to be bringing home a beautiful Yellow Lab puppy on the 23rd of feb. Mathayus will be 15 weeks old when we bring him home and we have everything except for the food, we can't seem to decide what would be best for our new family member. Do you have any suggestions?



First, congrats on the new addition to your family! Bringing home a puppy is both an exciting and nervous time.

In answer to your question, I highly recommend the Eagle Pack Holistic Select® Large & Giant Breed Puppy Formula. Not only does it provide everything a growing large breed puppy needs but Eagle Pack was one of the few dog food companies that did not have to be pulled off the pet store shelves during the most recent pet food scare. Eagle Pack has high guidelines for testing and quality control for their pet products.

Our own Labrador Retrievers went through a number of dog foods until we found Eagle Pack Holistic. Both dogs had dry skin, dull coats, runny eyes, and were prone to hip problems. After a few weeks on Eagle Pack Holistic, all these problems were resolved. Sure, it is a little more expensive then other dog foods but it is holistic, helps prevent unnecessary vet visits for ailments caused by poor food, and they even supply dog food coupons on their website to help with the costs. And an added bonus is that the food is guaranteed. If your pup doesn't like it, they will give you your money back.

Of course, there is a process for moving over your pup from the dog food provided by the breeder to whatever new food you choose. You will want to make sure it is a slow transition from the old food to the new food and read up on Dog Food and Labrador Retrievers.

Good luck and congrats on the new family member! Make sure to send us pictures to post!

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Blogger Wendy said...

I absolutely love your blog and your labbies are beautiful. I have a 6 month old male lab at home who was bred in Northern Cali and has completely stolen my heart. I find myself getting impatient to get home in the afternoon just so I can spend time with him. Anyway, thanks for all your great info and stories. I find myself checking in with you everyday...

Wendy and "Duke"

February 22, 2008 2:48 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

I have a 2 1/2 year old male chocolate lab. We have him on Iams Large Breed Dog food but he has really bad dry skin. I switched him on the Lamb and Rice there for a while and it never helped, it seemed it didn't fill him up. Do you think the Eagle Pack would be better for him too? If so what formula? I though it was the chicken but the lamb and rice never helped him either. I want a food that will benefit him in the long run.

February 22, 2008 10:47 PM  
Blogger Marla said...

At first I read this and thought you were getting another lab!

February 23, 2008 6:23 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Wendy: Thanks for the blog feedback. It wouldnt by much fun if people didnt enjoy reading it. :)

Joy: I would recommend the Eagle Pack Holistic Select® Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Formula. Some dog foods that say "Lamb" may have chicken by-products. This one was perfect for the dry skin because it provides a good deal of fish oils. Sure, it may smell bad to us but our Labs still go crazy over it. We call it "fishy food" in our house. :) Good luck and make sure to give your pup at least 8 weeks on the food before seeing any changes.

Marla: LMAO! No way! Sure, every time I run into a Lab pup my heart melts and I want a new one. Then I remember housebreaking Cheyenne in the middle of the Wisconsin winter and that sobers me right up!

Thanks again for all your comments. Lab smiles!

February 23, 2008 7:28 AM  
Blogger Lacy said...

woofies Lab Brats, heehee me thot u wuz gettin another one too...

b safe,

February 23, 2008 7:11 PM  
Anonymous Lamberts Mom said...

Shannon- I was not sure where to post a question so I am starting here.
I have a 10 month old Chocolate Lab. The past month he has been very picky about eating. First it was he would not eat out of his dish holder but would eat out of his bowl in his crate. So a friend (also a lab breeder/owner) said to feed him in there because he is just spoiled and proving who has power. Now he flips his dish over in the crate so the food spills out of the crate. Friday he was fed at 5:30 (usual time) and he did not eat the majority of his food until 8:30 at least. So to prove a point and make him want to eat, I thought I would not feed him in the am (usual feed time is 7:30) and make him hungry. At 5:30 he was given his food and water and he drank the water and played with the food. So i went and added watered down gravy topping to the food and then he did eat it finally (not devoured) just ate it. This morning he was let out and then was given food and water and he drank his water down quickly but turned down the food. So instead of giving him the food to nibble on during the day I picked it up and figured I would give it to him at 5:30. He is still active and plays. Chews on his bones and goes potty (both). My husband thinks I am paranoid. Do you think the pup should see the vet? Please help. Thanks Tanya

February 24, 2008 9:41 AM  
Blogger Claudia said...

I generally ask my vet about any foods that I switch to, just to be safe. If you can't find Eagle Pack by you, I'd recommend trying Taste of the Wild. By the way, this blog is so fun and what beautiful dogs! Holistic food is definitely a good way to go.

February 27, 2008 3:34 PM  

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