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Monday, February 04, 2008

Where's the Heat?

Dakota resting in front of HER heating vent
Why do we make our dogs suffer as much as we do? I mean - all they want to do is love us and be by our side as much as possible. It is all about us and not them. *laugh* Yeah right!!

It's all about Dakota! Once again this morning, I was reminded about how much we inconvenience our beloved 3-year old chocolate Labrador Retriever queen. Not only do we not play with her or massage her on command but we don't provide heat from our heating vents on command either.

What bad dog parents we are to keep the house at 68F degrees! Don't we know that Dakota simply cannot function without it being at least 72F in the house?? It is winter for chocolate sake! The queen must have her heat or lay idle by the 8ft-long heating vent in our living room and not only reposition herself every couple of minutes but let our a huge sigh to let us know that she is not happy with the situation at all. We are such awful doggy parents not to think of her needs above our own. Just a couple of months ago, we blocked her "sacred" heating vent with a huge Christmas tree and now that it is available to her once again, we have gone and turned down the heating temperature in the house to save money. What gall to interrupt her highness' beauty rest!

Nevertheless, Dakota's humble servant (mainly me) turned the heat up to 72F and now the chocolate queen of the house is resting soundly with her own personal sauna heating her back and hips.

What gall we had to do such a thing! We are lucky if the queen doesn't behead us! *laugh* Ah - such is life at the Lab Brats house... where Dakota will never quite get that she is not actually a human being but a dog. *huge laugh*



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