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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Lab Brats Swim!

Labor day in our city is not just about taking the day off work and having a BBQ with our family. In our family, it is a day of celebration for the local community pool is open to the dogs!

Dakota waiting to get into the pool

As we approached the park, we were in awe with the number of dog lovers that had come out to allow their pups some swim time. We stood on this amazingly long line while Dakota kept her eyes on the ball in her daddy's hand and Cheyenne pulled me to inspect every dog that approached the line. Yes, Dakota is a ball fanatic (heck, she is a Lab!) and Cheyenne is the greeting committee who must introduce herself to every single pup!

Dakota & Cheyenne playing ball with daddy

Once we were in, both girls fell immediately into the deep end of the pool and tried to hustle back onto dry land. Of course, they looked to us to pull them out of the pool and get drenched in the meantime! Needless to say, we could not ignore those Sad Sam eyes as they paddled their little (big) hearts out. Not to worry though, after a while they found a nice shallow area to play a little ball with daddy.

A crowded Doggy Dip Day

By this time, it started to get way too crowded for us and the Lab Brats. As we headed out, we lucked out on a small 3.5ft deep pool in the back corner that only had a couple of pups in it. The next 30 minutes were ball flying frenzy! They just couldn't get enough. Well, that was until Cheyenne decided she should inhale the pool water while diving head-first into the pool for the ball. Even though that didn't slow her down, it was time for a rest and the pups didn't mind as they fell fast asleep, nestled in the back seat of my car and sopping wet!

Until next year! :)

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Blogger CM said...

damn, that's a lot of dogs and people. Any fights?

September 09, 2007 9:28 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

No, there were no fights that we saw but there was a ton of dogs "tossed" kibble and poopies around the edge of the pool. I guess that is better to be outside the pool then inside. LOL

September 10, 2007 7:22 AM  

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