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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dog Scouts

While drinking a much needed coffee drink at the local Barnes and Noble, I flipped through the most recent edition of "Just Labs" magazine. Now, if you are a Lab owner and don't subscribe to this magazine, then you are missing out on a wealth of information about health issues, training, and the overall life of Labrador Retrievers. (Of course, the Lab pictures are adorable as well)

But I am not going to try and sell you on the magazine. The reason I mentioned it at all is because of a great article about Dog Scouts. Yes, dog scouts! Just like girl scouts or cub scouts, there is a thing called dog scouts. Before you start laughing, it really isn't as "fruity" as you think. Dog Scouts ( is a great non-profit organization that helps enrich the lives of dogs and dog owners by utilizing the natural doggy skills to provide encouragement to the dogs and educate dog owners. They not only have troops all over the United States but hold camps during the warmer months that include agility, flyball, backpacking, water rescue, IMPROV obedience, shaping, herding, sledding, frisbee, search and rescue, freestyle, carting, tracking, lure coursing, and more!

Why are we so interested in it? Quite honestly, Cheyenne has so much natural skill and energy and no constructive outlet. Unlike Dakota, Cheyenne gets bored easily and wants to track, swim, and do everything else Labrador Retrievers were bred to do. She wants to use her skills and needs a great deal of mental stimulation. So, I have contacted a local troop and am waiting patiently to hear back from them. In the meantime, we will be checking out local training classes at the Milwaukee Dog Training Club to help Cheyenne (and Dakota) focus better and get the mental stimulation they need.

Sure, a tired pup is a good pup but trying to wear out dogs with exercise just seems to build up their stamina. They need more than simple walks; especially if they are Labs!

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