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Monday, July 30, 2007

We're Back!

It was a long 17-day vacation overseas and one we will treasure forever. We are now happy to be home and surrounded by our Lab Brats once again.

Throughout the trip, we kept seeing black, chocolate, and yellow Labrador Retrievers of all shapes and sizes. Each one reminded us of the treasures waiting for us at home and although our dogs were very well cared for during our vacation, we missed their energy and wagging tails. Upon arriving home, we brought them some McDonald's French Fries as a sacrifice to the "Chocolate Goddesses". *laugh* They were very happy to see us (and the French Fries) and forgave us instantly.

You would think though that we would be used to them running around and would have not forgotten to watch ourselves when they go into play-mode. Alas, as my husband was walking with his morning breakfast from the kitchen to our livingroom, I heard a loud bang. It seems the girls started to run around the table and decided to "take him out" from behind. He distinctly remembers the push from behind and his English Muffins flying in the air. *laugh* We both let out a roar of laughter and I turned to him and said "Welcome Home!" as the Lab Brats decided to help clean up the mess they had caused by licking up the strawberry jam off the carpet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Sassy doggies =)

July 30, 2007 9:55 AM  

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