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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sulking Doggy

Dakota is just not happy! You see, Dakota's daddy has had to work late the last couple of weeks due to a new project on his desk. If Dakota could only get her paws on it, she would hide it from him so that he would be home and spend more time with her. Alas, the project is at work and Dakota still can't drive.

So what does she do? She sulks around the house. When daddy leaves for work in the morning, she lays down and looks up at him, with those Sad Sam eyes, before he heads out the door. Once her and Cheyenne get fed at 5pm, she will then begin her drama queen act. It is as though she has ants in her pants. She will keep readjusting herself while she is sitting, going back and forth to the front window to stare out of it, walks away from me when I try to pet her, and barks at every sound because it may just be daddy. If he doesn't come home until 8pm, she will continue this behavior for 3 hours. She actually walks around, sits down, and huffs; as though she is put off by his disregard of her feelings. Bad daddy for making Dakota wait for him!



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