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Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a Good Dog!

The separation worked! Cheyenne and I headed to the vet yesterday for her routine Bordatella vaccine and Dakota was left at home to sun bathe herself. At first, Cheyenne wasn't sure about leaving Dakota and poor Dakota couldn't understand why I wasn't putting her collar on her to go "bye-bye". However, in the car, Cheyenne was a sweetheart and she became even sweeter at the vet when a 3-year old little girl arrived with her spaniel and daddy.

Cheyenne sat pretty as the girl hugged and kissed her continuously. It was great because Cheyenne wasn't bothered by the other dogs nor pulling me to go and smell them. That is her normal behavior when Dakota is with her. Alone, she listened well, took cookies (dog treats) calmly, and loved all the attention she was getting from that little girl.

And yes, the vet bill was quite smaller. Between the office visit and shot, we paid $55. Usually we walk out of there with a $300 bill and some new medications for Dakota's hip or something that Cheyenne is fighting (cold, eating something she shouldn't, etc). This time it was $55, a free sample of Science Diet food, and a couple of cookies - even one to bring home to Dakota so she received a special treat when we got home. I have to say that was the best veterinarian visit yet!

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