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Monday, June 25, 2007

Missing without leaving

There are 16 days to go before we leave our dogs and I am starting to get sad. Sure, we are leaving on our first overseas adventure to Europe but, we will be gone for 17 days. I hate even being gone a couple of days from the Lab Brats - heck, I even miss them when they are at doggy daycare.

Infatuated with our pups? No. Just that when you own a dog retail business and work from home, you come to form bonds with your pups that make it difficult to part ways. I know I shouldn't get sad since the girls will be in great hands. Our younger cousin is going to pup and house sit for us the entire time we will be gone. The Lab Brats will not need to leave our home and will have more attention showered on them in those days then they will know what to do with. Even our family members will be stopping in every other day to give the Labs even more attention and love. It will be like doggy heaven at home!

The last time my husband and I left was for 4 days. When we returned, our Labradors didn't want us home and didn't even recognize us. They were in the backyard playing away with our cousin when we arrived home and they barked hysterically at all. It took a couple of minutes for them to realize who we were and then it was all love and kisses. I could only imagine what the reception will be like after 17 days. Even if they will be too busy to miss us, we will still miss them.



Blogger holly said...

Shannon, Hope you had a great vacation! My husband works in Euro. once a month and gets the cold shoulder when he gets home from our lab. A few times a year, I get to go along. "Gramma and Grampa" come to stay w/her (similar arrangement as yours) Our labbie has adopted them as her 'people' after our 3 wk vacation. Don't feel bad if that happens! They'll get over it! Hope you get/got to see some countries (i.e. Switzerland) where dogs go everywhere (grocery stores, p.o., banks, stores, on the buses, etc..) Not just little dogs-big ones, labs! :)
Hope you enjoyed your trip!

July 05, 2007 12:54 PM  

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