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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stealing Lab Pictures

Someone had asked what I had meant in my last post when I stated:
We know the pictures aren't super clear but we only post the medium quality pictures of our girls as some Internet users have begun to steal our high quality pictures to try selling them online for profit. Sorry.
The reality of it is that we have often found pictures of our Lab Brats on other people's websites as just harmless pictures of Labrador Retrievers or as pictures on products being sold for a profit. The former doesn't really bother our family as we don't mind sharing pictures of our dogs with other people and , quite honestly, we are a little bias in believing they are too beautiful not to be shared. (Such is a Lab owner's life!) However, there are many sites out there that you can upload a picture and have it placed on a number of items such as mugs, t-shirts, and other gifts items. Heck, we have a section of our Lab store devoted entirely to pictures of Labs on such items (See Photography). However, our selling items with Lab pictures on them is fully legal as we have consent from those that have submitted their pictures. Unfortunately, not everyone is as ethical as we are in our selling of items and it came to our attention that many pictures of Dakota were being placed on items, for sale, without our permission.

Hope that answers the person's question and any other questions our frequent viewers have in reference to the picture quality of our last post. Not to worry though - the picture quality will get better - that was just me testing out the photo software to find a happy medium.



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