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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lab Brats on TV Tonight!

The Lab Brats had a blast at the Doggy Easter Egg Hunt today! The frigid cold and snow couldn't stop them and they just had to show off enough to get the attention of one of the local news station camera guys. Yep! He did a close up of our girls eating their huge edible doggy Easter eggs they found during the event - and I mean CLOSE UP! He probably even got some drool on his camera during their chowing down on the eggs! As he walked away, he said "Thank you - they will be on CBS 58 News at Ten tonight." Woo hoo! The Lab Brats will be television stars on the news tonight. So, everyone in the Milwaukee area, watch the news at 10 o'clock tonight and you should see our precious chocolate Labs!

Not to worry for those that can't watch it, we will be recording it on the DVR tonight and see about getting it posted soon. We are just so excited - it was well worth braving the freezing cold!

Happy Easter!

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