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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Embarrassing!

The past weekend was Cheyenne's second training session and everything went very well. The trainer split up the class to separate the crazy dogs from the calm dogs. What a relief that we were moved to the "calm" dog training session! With only 3 dogs in this class, things went a lot

Cheyenne did all the commands very well and I was a proud momma! She is learning to stay and recall with very little hesitation. Well, I was proud until my husband showed up after class for Dakota's assessment. Yes, Dakota was getting assessed to find out if she would do better in the Intermediate or Advanced training class before signing her up for the next formal training session.

So, here comes my husband with Dakota dragging him down the aisle. Cheyenne got a little excited, greeted her sister, and then listened on the first command of "sit" (which she usually never listens around her sister). Unfortunately, Dakota totally forgot what "sit" was and wouldn't listen at all. We finally got her to sit while the trainer moved past her 3 times. Out of those time, she got up twice and tried to follow the trainer, and on the third time her head spun around 180 degrees to keep an eye on the trainer. From what we were told, the CGC examiner will do this for the actual test and Dakota would have failed since she needs to sit and not pay attention to anyone but the trainer all 3 times. Heck, the blasted dog wouldn't even keep her rear end on the floor for too long.

How embarrassing! Dakota is the older and calmer Lab and yet her sister, Cheyenne, was a perfect angel. It was like they switched bodies! Needless to say, Dakota will be starting Intermediate training in December and boy does she need it cause everything I taught her went right out the window!



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