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Friday, October 27, 2006

Accidents Will Happen

Twice it has happened and each time I insist that it was not a dominance issue. Cheyenne loves sleeping in Dakota's crate whenever she can get a chance. Over the last 2 weeks, she has peed on Dakota's crate bed twice. This was not a dominance marking as it was a full bladder urination and Cheyenne also likes to sleep there - Labs generally wont go to the bathroom where they sleep. Since Cheyenne also sleeps there, it would not make sense.

My theory is that because the quilt is green and it is cushy, Cheyenne may have had to go to the bathroom and figured it was close to grass. You see, Cheyenne will even go to the bathroom on snow covered concrete because the snow is fluffy - even when there is grass near. The second thing is that we have been leaving the water bowls full until late at night. So, a fully bladder and the lack of humans paying attention, she may have gone to the only place she could find.

Needless to say, Cheyenne is no longer allowed in Dakota's bed. The crate is locked and no more water after 7pm again. Hopefully this wont happen again - especially since Dakota is getting a new and better bed this weekend!

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