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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Introduction Day

After a 4 hour trip down to Galva, IL, we successfully introduced Dakota to her new baby sister, Cheyenne. They seemed okay with each other and although they were separated in the car, they still seemed to be okay. We got home and it all changed. Dakota and Cheyenne hit it off! Dakota wont let Cheyenne even take a nap - every time she does, Dakota starts to whine and nudges Cheyenne until she wakes up. Poor Cheyenne can't even close her eyes for a couple of minutes. Normally Labrador Retrievers are very loving but I have never seen two dogs hit it off better. They are sharing toys, running around after each other, and Dakota even whines and protects (lays next to) Cheyenne's crate when she is in there. That is the only way the poor pup has had a chance to get a couple of minutes to herself.

Both loving and affectionate, this pups are so much alike in personality that it is scary. They both lay the same way, use their paws when playing, and tug in the same manner. Right now, she is playing tug-of-war with my husband and as aggressive as Dakota is - using all her weight. (laugh) As I typed that, Dakota took the end from my husband and there stood an 81 lbs pup against a 9 lbs lab baby. You would think that the lighter would be no problem to win but the bigger (Dakota) plays just rough enough and when Cheyenne stops playing, Dakota will bring her the tug toy once again. It is love - a very well made match. Now if we could only get her housebroken!


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