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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Enter the Devil Dog

Devil Red Labrador Retriever: Dakota
You ever have one of those days where you are trying to get a bunch of stuff done and your dog just doesn't understand? Instead of giving you the space you need, your pup howls, jumps up and down, pushes your hands off your keyboard, pushes you over, or brings you every toy that exists in your house.

Last week Dakota pushed me to the edge. It was with every ounce of sheer will that I did not jump up and crate her in her room. Instead, I decided to take a more passive approach.

Being a graphic designer, I grabbed a beautiful picture of Dakota and did my magic artwork. As I created my masterpiece, I felt the annoyance leave my body and a smile broaden my face. It was like therapeutic art in which you paint a bulls eye or mustache on that annoying coworker when you have had too much.

All stress left my body during those final moments of creativity. I was left laughing my head off as I witnessed my own creation - DEVIL DOG!! *laugh*

(No, Dakota did not stop annoying me but my creativity allowed me to just laugh at her annoying self rather than get angry. After a while, she gave up.)

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Blogger Chester's Mom said...

I bother the daylights out of Mom sometimes when she tries to do stuff on the computer. I put my head on her arm so she can't move it or I put my paw on the keyboard to tell her to STOP! But her favorite is when I crawl onto the chair and sit behind her so I can see better out the window beside her. She keeps on typing but I know she likes it 'cuz I hear her chuckling and feel her sides moving.

Ya gotta love us!!
Woofs and annoying slobbers,

May 07, 2009 2:14 PM  

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