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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Switching to Adult Dog Food

Puppy Eating Big Bowl of Dog Food
Our chocolate lab brothers are 12 months old. Do we continue with puppy food or begin to give them adult food? Do you think they are full grown or do they continue to grow until age 2? We neutered them at 8 months.

Our breeder and veterinarian have both recommended that Labrador Retrievers be switched to adult food around the 1-year mark. They will continue to grow until age 2 but puppy food is too rich during their 2nd year of life. This is due to the growth phases in this particular breed and at age 1 they need less calories and a more stable and well-rounded diet.

Make sure that you gradually switch their food as to not upset their stomachs. To learn more, please read our Labrador Retriever Feeding Guide.

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