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Friday, April 24, 2009

Local Area Labrador Retriever Meetups

Labrador Buddies
I regularly (daily in fact) check your website and will comment here and there BUT this question is about your lab get together that you have for lab and lab mix pups. I am just wondering if you can tell me or send to me what information you have on this. I would appreciate anything that you can share.

Last year I created a local group called the Milwaukee Area Lab Meetup. The goal of this group was to get Lab owners and lovers together at least once a month to have a play date for the dogs while the humans socialized, traded stories and shared training secrets. It was a huge success and before long the group was so large in size that my schedule could not accommodate the group. So, I handed it off to another group member that has grown it beyond my wildest hopes and dreams.

Today the group is known as the Milwaukee Area Retriever (and large breed) Meetup. It has 202 Lab-loving members, has held 18 meetups so far and has helped raised money for a number of dog breed specific dog rescues. Although I am no longer the “Head Retriever” of the group, I am still a member and attend many of their events. It is a great opportunity to get together with other Lab and dog owners to finally have a place to boast about our dogs without someone thinking we are nuts for talking about the dogs more than most people talk about their kids. *wink*

To find out more about this specific meet-up group, please feel free to visit their group website at:

You can also check out more dog meetups in your area by visiting:

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