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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dakota's Monday Update

Dakota @ 3 months old
Got a call last night from the veterinarian. He said Dakota was doing very well 24 hours after her stomach surgery - she was up walking and going potty. At that point, he was still on schedule to give her a bit of food this morning and see if she handles it well. If so, she can come home later today!

On a side note - I was going to take the opportunity to visit her at the vet this morning but decided to do what is right rather than what is easy. Sure, I am positive she would be happy to see me but she needs rest, not excitement. So, instead of giving into what would make me happy, I have to think about her first and her health is more important of course.

So, no visit to the clinic this morning. Instead, I will be a good human and wait by the phone for our morning update and let my precious Dakota heal well without mommy getting her all excited.

(will post with update as soon as Dr. calls)



Blogger Kelly said...

I'm so glad she is doing better!

March 23, 2009 8:57 AM  

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