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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heartfelt Thank You...

Fear This! Black Lab Puppy
Every so often I find myself wondering if people are truly getting anything out of the Lab Brats blog. Sure, I love to write and I even tend to entertain myself when I recall something goofy the Lab Brats may have done. However, I do wondering what impact this blog has on other dog and specially Lab owners. Are the readers laughing, crying, or wondering what the world I could be possibly talking about? Well, that was until I received the following in my inbox:

"I just am emailing to say thank you! Our Black Lab mix Sammy was almost homeless today...... My last dog Shelby was a pure bread Rottie and Sammy is my first Lab. Shelby was such a sweet dog and that is exactly what I looked for in my Sammy. He found us at the SPCA and I had to bring him home. He turned 1 in February....and now is starting to be what I considered defiant...he pushed me so far today....I saw that he chewed an oak chair and a leg of the oak table less than 10 minutes.l This coupled with the massive amounts of fur in my otherwise very clean home....I almost went over the edge. I had to get on the internet and see if there is something going on that I could help....and just reading your blog did. I laughed so hard, and it put it all into perspective. All of a sudden the enormous amounts of downy fur all over my house that cause me to vacuum twice a day this past week are because he is "blowing out" who would have known? Nor did I know that Labs are the Olympic Gold Champions of the Chewers! least he is just being him...and now I know how to help....he needs a new Kong...and a good brushing more than twice a day.

Sammy thanks you, I am sure, because he was on my bad side today, but now he is just laying here, being his goofy self and all is well!

I will be definitely checking back frequently to see how the Lab Brats are! Knowing that it is normal for my dog to be a goof makes it better! Thank you!"

My eyes teared and my heart did a leap! Thank you Melissa for reminding me of why I started this blog shortly after I brought my first Lab puppy into my own home. Thank you to both you and your Sammy! It will get better, I promise you that and you are most definitely not alone! {{{hugs}}}



Blogger Chester's Mom said...

That story warms my heart and must make you feel like all the work and time you put into your informative posts is well worth the effort. I have found great, helpful info on your blog also. Chester is my first lab and I always thought they were big loveable, loyal to the bone furballs. I have found they are masters of marketing that particular side of themselves in public but can be 4 legged horrors at times in private. I am not a person to give up on any creature easily but found myself wondering if Chester should go somewhere that better suited him-maybe a farm where he could run free all day. But we stuck it out and now I wouldn't give him up for the world. I know I found many helpful hints here to help us thru the "ruff" spots. Keep up the good work, the dawgs need you!
Chester's Mom

March 11, 2009 1:33 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

It's nice to see so many of us with similar lab stories. I sat sobbing in my vet's office about my defiant, aggressive 5 month old puppy wondering if I'd be able to keep her. My vet's advise: get into puppy kindergarten ASAP. We did and followed with a few more structured obedience classes. Four years later, I have a great dog who makes me laugh every single day.

March 11, 2009 2:29 PM  

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