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Monday, August 11, 2008

Stomach Blemishes

Chocolate Lab Belly
I have a 9 month old yellow lab and I have noticed what looks like blackheads on her stomach area. They extend all the way from her top nipples down to her girl parts. I have looked everywhere on the internet and it all says canine acne occurs on the lips and chin of dogs. I an wondering if anyone has ever noticed it on their dogs abdomen? Or is this something i should consider taking her to the vet for.

Acne on a dog is only a concern for a veterinarian when the area becomes infected or causes the pup to be uncomfortable. Acne on the stomach area can be caused by genetics, cleanliness, or an allergic reaction to something. Since they are only blackheads and are not red, inflamed, or causing her to lick/scratch them, then I would recommend that you use some oatmeal or hypo-allergic dog shampoo and warm water to clean the area daily. This is the best way to keep the area clean while not subjecting the skin harsh chemicals.

If it were one of my pups, I would also wash the dog's bedding with Nature's Miracle and a allergen free detergent to help should it be an allergic reaction to something it is laying or sleeping on.

If these recommendations do not rid your dog of the blackhead acne on the under belly area and you are still concerned, please call your veterinarian to ask for advice. They should be able to give you recommendations over the phone for free and not request that you come in for a visit.

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