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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mushy Mutt

I love to start mornings like this!

My husband was walking by Dakota when she rolled over to show her belly. She wanted love and a nice big belly rub. Dakota was in, what we like to call, a "mushy" mood. All she wanted was love and attention. Without hesitation, her daddy succumbed to those eyes and began to give her a belly rub.

At that moment, I came into the room and she looked up at me with those same eyes. Sure, she was getting a belly rub but she could use more attention. So, I caved in as well and started to massage her ears while her daddy continued to give her big belly rubs.

Cheyenne heard everything going on and walked calmly into the room to see what was happening. She knows better then to push our arms out of the way or act in any manner to get our attention off her sister and onto her. Normally, she will just sit patiently next to us and wait until we are done with Dakota in order to receive her own love and attention.

Not this time! Instead of sitting nicely and waiting, she walked over to her Dakota's face and started to give her kisses all over the mouth and head. So, there were were. One big loving family; showering Dakota with all the love she can handle at one time and she enjoyed every second of it!

Mushy Dog Dakota

Dakota enjoying the morning sun.



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