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Friday, October 26, 2007

Doggy Birthday Surprise

A week from tomorrow (Nov. 3), our sweet little Cheyenne will be turning 2 years old. Some still think she is a puppy. Sure, she is around 74lbs but her face and personality lead everyone to believe she is just shy of a 1-year old. Nope, I promise you that she is going on her 2nd birthday and this Lab mommy is sad because her baby is growing up way too fast.

In light of Cheyenne's birthday, I thought it would be fun to solicit some help from our wonderful blog readers. Every doggy birthday in our house is celebrated with a once a year treat. We have done a doggy birthday cake, doggy brownies, raw cow bones from the butcher, and bully sticks. Due to health concerns, the bully sticks are no longer on our birthday treat list (as the Lab Brats like to swallow whole chunks of them) but we would love to see what you think we should give Cheyenne for her birthday. What do you think?

Not to worry about Dakota; she won't miss out on the birthday treat. The Lab Brats are treated equally in this house and both get birthday treats when it is either dog's birthday. So, both Dakota and Cheyenne are very excited to see what you will pick for Cheyenne's birthday treat. Vote now because if Dakota drools any more, thinking about all the good stuff coming their way, we will have an indoor pool!

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