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Monday, August 13, 2007

Paws in the Park

On Sunday, we took took the girls to Paws in the Park. It was "Big Woof Day", which means that there were a number of vendors and events for the Lab Brats to get their paws into.

For the first few minutes, they pulled us every which way. Lucky for us, we had the prong collars on them or I would have ended up short one arm. *laugh* It wasn't so much the amount of activity; it was the fact that usually when there are those many dogs out in the open, they think they are at an off-leash dog park. So, Cheyenne had no clue why mommy was keeping her on the leash so long. Poor girl!

Our dogs liked the free dog treat samples that were being given out and didn't care much as mommy and daddy looked at the dog products. All the girls wanted was to sniff butts and rub against dead rabbit fur (being sold in one of the booths as a toy).

Although it was hot, it was a great day. And had Cheyenne not been pulling me all over the place, I would have had pictures to show as well. Alas, such is life with Labrador Retriever puppies surrounded by loads of food and doggy playmates.

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