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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vet Cost for Labs

The veterinarian appointment went well and both Lab Brats are in great shape. Now, I know that many of our blog readers come looking for the vet costs of having a Lab so I figure that since we spent so much today on our vet bill, some good should come from it. So, without further delay, this was our veterinarian bill for a 2-year old Labrador Retriever with no extra hidden costs associated with any particular aliments.

  • Office Call with Vaccines or Heartworm Screen: $30.00
  • Medical Waste Disposal Fee: $1.00
  • DHLPPC Shot: $26.00
  • Bordatella Shot: $26.00
  • LYME Shot: $26.00
  • Nail Trim: $12.00
  • Heartworm Occult: $22.00
  • Blood Draw: $10.50
  • Stool Parasite/Worm Check: $17.00

Add that with the office call, LYME, medical waste, and nail trim for Cheyenne as well and you have a grand total of $239.50!! (without tax) This, of course, does not include the Rabies shot as Dakota is now up to the every 2-year shot so we lucked out this time. Again, this is the yearly routine exam and does not include any medical care for ailments or injuries occurred throughout the year. This is also not specific to just the Lab dog breed as all dogs go through these routine exams and shots. So, for those that don't currently have dogs and are thinking about getting one or more, make sure you can afford them because, although they are cute and great companions, they come with such expenses attached.

Lucky for us, Cheyenne isn't due for her checkup until the beginning of next year!



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