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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh no! The Vet!

Yep! Today is Dakota's annual vet appointment and she is due to get all of her routine shots. From last count, I believe there were 4 of them and although she has a needle waiting for her at the veterinarian, when I ask her if she wants to go, she gets all excited and cocks her head from side to side. It just makes you smile when you see her do this head action and breaks your heart at the same time because of what awaits.

No, it isn't that bad and she doesn't hate the vet. It is just that when she gets into that small exam room, she quickly plants her rear end tight into the corner of the room. Why? Because she hates it when the doctor sticks a thermometer up her butt. *laugh* It reminds me of that scene in Dr. Dolittle when the dog keeps asking what the guy is doing near his butt... *big laugh*

Sure, she will be fine after a small exam, nail trimming, routine shots, and hip dysplasia follow-up exam. Why should she complain? She gets free cookies at the end of the visit and didn't have to wake up early this morning to collect fecal samples! Oh, she has no clue how good she's got it! *wink*



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