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Friday, March 06, 2009

Introducing Pups to Water

Two Labs Playing in a River
Me my wife and our baby Lilly (Now @ 9 weeks) go to the beach every other day and I just noticed that she doesn't go near the shore line and runs when she hears water coming towards her. I want to know if this is normal ?

Right now she is quite young to understand that water will not hurt her. It is a time when pups are learning what is good and what is bad. Whatever you do, don't try to coax her into the water or coddle her to protect her - this will only make her fear it more. Instead, go to the beach and ignore her when she runs from the shore. If you show her that it doesn't get your attention as something bad/scary, she will learn not to fear it as well.

To get her used to water, I would suggest introducing her to a slow trickle of a water hose (again, using the same method) and then build up to a kiddie pool without water, then with very little water, and build up the depth to a few inches over a few weeks (when she is able to handle each level with fun in her eyes).

But never fear - you have a puppy and if you play your cards right, there may come a day when you are begging her to get out of the water.

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