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Monday, September 08, 2008

Bad, Bad Lab Mommy!

Dakota and Chey @ the Dog Park
I feel like such a bad Labbie mommy.

Every few weeks, we bring the Lab Brats into the veterinarian's office to get their nails professionally trimmed. Not to worry, they don't go that long without a nail trimming since I do their nails once a week to keep them maintained while saving money. The vet is more like an overhaul of the nails to get them as short as possible since this mommy is still hesitant in cutting too close to the quick.

Well, that isn't why I am a bad mommy. You see, we always weigh our girls when we go even for the smallest of things. This time Dakota came in at a little over 82 lbs while Cheyenne was a little over 74 lbs. So, what's the big deal? They are supposed to be 80 lbs and 70 lbs respectively. (More weight on their body means a greater chance of hip and joint problems.)

My mind automatically went to their dog food - nope, that's not it - can't feed them any less. Then my mind wandered to our little tastes of human food here and there - again, doubtful since they mostly get fruit or a single lick of the baking pan. Then it hit me - my girls aren't getting enough exercise!

Sure, they get a long morning walk with their daddy and I will play ball with them for 20 minutes in the afternoon and at night. However, Cheyenne runs for the ball and Dakota waits until Cheyenne is tired of it and then steals it. That is not nearly enough exercise for Labrador Retrievers - especially when they are the English (Show) breed to begin with (stockier of this dog breed).

Alas! I have only been bringing them to the dog park once a month. Sure, I can make excuses like my schedule is full, it is too hot/cold, or I have to wash my hair... but I believe that when you take on responsibility for such a high-energy dog, you need to make time to keep them in shape... no matter how dirty one's hair is!

Bad, bad mommy! Now off to re-tune my schedule and give the Lab Brats at least one day a week at the park!

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