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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Never Argue with a Lab!

Hidden Kibble Found by Cheyenne
The high pitched bark began again this morning as I sat down to my computer. I ignored it but Cheyenne was persistent. Since they just finished eating, I kind of had an idea as to why she was annoyed.

After the Lab Brats eat at their own food stations, Cheyenne will wait for Dakota to walk away from hers before Cheyenne goes over to clean up any molecular particles of food left over. Sometimes we even think Cheyenne is going to lick the stainless steel finish straight off the bowl with how dead set she is on getting every single morsel.

This time though, there was some food she could not get to and she needed her mommy's help.

To the bowl I walk and lifted it out of it's elevated holding contraption. Sure enough, Dakota pushed 3 pieces of kibble under her bowl without realizing it. Of course, nothing passes by Cheyenne's nose undetected. She ate it happily and looked up with one of those award-winning Lab smiles to thank me.

Ten minutes later, she signals again. "What is it this time?" I fret as I walk over to Dakota's food station once again. To make her happy, I lift both the water and food bowls to show her no kibble has been left uncovered. I even move the entire food station to the side to let her sniff for kibble. Indeed, every nook and cranny was opened to show her once and for all that she already got it all.

My mistake was trying to walk away - trying to tell her that she was wrong. You see, I started to walk away and she barked that single bark once again. With a sigh I walked over to Dakota's station and lifted the food bowl again... this time turning it over to place it on the counter. Sure enough, there was a piece of kibble stuck to the bottom-side of the bowl. *laugh*

For a laugh, I brought it to the Lab Brats Daddy and explaining the scene to him, I turned over the bowl and he busted out laughing. "I should know better then to argue with a Lab nose!" I commented to him as I turned the bowl over and let Cheyenne have at the peice of kibble that no one could convince her did not exist!



Blogger Geegs said...

HAHAHA - that is classic!

August 27, 2008 1:09 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

lol! that is to funny!

August 27, 2008 1:25 PM  

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