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Monday, March 17, 2008

Healthy Doggy Belly

Sleeping Chocolate Labrador Retriever: Cheyenne
After a week of hardly any sleep and worrying about our baby Lab, I am happy to report that Cheyenne's belly is all better now!

We wracked our brains trying to figure out what would get Cheyenne up at all hours of the night with an urgent need to poop. Slowly, we went through the list of extra "treats" we had given her throughout the week including apple, doggy ice cream, lamb flavored dog cookies (their normal), tuna fish, and so on. These were all normal treats they get from time to time and none of them ever upset her stomach before, so why now?

As it turns out, there has been one thing that she was getting daily and it would usually give her loose stools: Proin 50. Proin is a chewable tablet for the management and treatment of canine urinary incontinence. Both Lab Brats were on 1 tablet a day and Dakota never has had any problems with it but Cheyenne always had loose stools. Ironically, I had started to give them this pill after dinner and it seems Cheyenne's belly just could tolerate it. (or hold itself until morning)

Dakota is still on Proin 50 but Cheyenne has been taken off of it altogether. The veterinarian told us that some dogs need it for only short periods of time but others may need to stay on it for the rest of their lives. Well, after taking them both off of it for a couple of days, Dakota started to have urinary leaking again so she was put back on it last night. As for Cheyenne, she has had no problems with leakage so we will just keep her off of it and see how it goes. If she happens to have a problem again, we will call the vet and see what other options are available.

Until then, we will enjoy our sleep once again for sleep is most peaceful when you aren't worrying about your beloved puppy and canine companion.



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