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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Homemade Dog Treats

Conni's Pampered Pooch Dog Treats
What Labs can turn down free dog treats?

When we received an email from a woman that was working to break into the homemade dog treat scene, our doggy ears perked up. All she wanted to do was send us some free samples of her dog cookies and get our feedback. Well, the Lab Brats don't just reply to an email, we bark it out to the entire blog community! *laugh*

Conni's Pampered Pooch ( is a home based business where Connie herself makes all her own dog treats with natural ingredients and by hand. There are no fancy contraptions in Connie's kitchen; just love!

The amount of care and love she puts into her products is obvious. Upon opening the bag, the Lab Brats automatically smelled the doggy goodness and Cheyenne was climbing on the counter to get a closer "look" even though I didn't open the box fully. The little brat actually grabbed the bag of Beef-N-Cheddar biscuits from the counter and tried to run away with it! Not to worry, with one "drop it" command, the bag was released from the Jaws of Life and equally shared between both dogs.

So, what do we think about Conni's Pampered Pooch dog treats? The Lab Brats love them! We received free samples of both the Beef-N-Cheddar as well as Apples-N-Cinnamon. Although they loved both and woofed down even last morsel, the Beef was definitely more a hit in our house.

Awesome doggy cookies Connie! Keep up the great work!

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