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Monday, January 14, 2008

Irish Twins

Dakota and Cheyenne waiting for cookie
You are probably saying to yourself: "What are Irish Twins and what in the world do they have to do with Labrador Retrievers?" Well, in our family, a lot!

"Irish twins" is a slang term for siblings that are born less than 12 months apart. Normally the "twins" will have some very good similarities in the way they do things. This does not mean that they are similar in personality but they have a tendency to do the same things at the same time, which leaves people scratching their heads.

If there were Labrador Retriever "Irish Twins", then we have them. It always makes me laugh because, in our house, we have synchronized peeing, pooping, cleaning of certain part of the body, sleeping positions, responses to things we do, energy levels, etc. Just this morning, the Lab Brats both turned and cleaned their privates at the same exact second and in the same exact manner. One did not start before the other... they just did it! Although the action was less then pleasant for any human to watch, you can't help but laugh!

People stop us in dog parks when the Lab Brats are going potty and ask us if they always synchronize their bathroom habits. Most of the time, yes. It is tag-team Dakota and Cheyenne. The Lab Brats Irish Twins. Of course, when I think about this natural synchronization tactic of theirs, I try to think more about how cute they are sleeping in the same position rather than their bathroom habits. *shrugs* I guess some find dogs going potty funny and doing it together even funnier. Go figure! *laugh*



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